Oxfield Redevelopment



While it has served us well down through the years, the existing centre at Oxfield no longer meets the needs of our community.  That is why we are embarking on an ambitious redevelopment of the existing buildings.


A New Vision...

Towards the end of 2009, a group of like minded people from across the community came together to explore options for improving the existing Oxfield Centre. 

The vision is to provide a modern multipurpose faclility which we hope will serve our entire community for generations to come.

Ultimately the Oxfield Centre will include:

  • 2 dressing rooms for outdoor activities
  • 2 dressing rooms for indoor facilities 
  • Toilets serving the Centre
  • Multipurpose community rooms
  • Improved building entrance
  • Storage space
  • PreSchool facility
  • Catering facilities
  • Gym
  • Improved parking facilities 
  • Children's outdoor play area
  • Improved pedestrian/cyclist facilities
  • Improved pedestrians/cyclists link to Carney Village

Phase 1 - Roof and Heating System (Completed)...

On the back of a very successful fundraising initiative in 2011, the Oxfield 500 Club Draw, and with grant aid funding from Sligo Leader, the first phase of the Centre’s Redevelopment project started in May 2012 and was completed by the end of that summer.  It was delivered on time and within budget.

This project has brought in vital improvements for the continued use and operation of the Centre - replacement of the old asbestos roof with a new insulated roof; installation of a new efficient heating system, including solar heaters for water; installation of a new fire detection system, new high level windows to the main hall; and the much needed refurbishment of the ladies toilets. 

Cost of Project: €158,000

Oxfield Fundraising: €40,000 (25%)

Sligo Leader Grant Aid: €118,000 (75%)

(Photos during and after re-roofing of the Oxfield Centre)

Phase 2 - New Dressing Rooms & Toilets...

The next phase of the project is to provide 4 No. dressing rooms in addition to new toilets, which are badly needed to meet current demand of our growing community, sports clubs and user groups.

There are 2 main options being considered:


Option 1 - Build a new dressing rooms block as shown below which would wrap around the existing sports hall building, and would allow for future development of a second floor above with community spaces. 

(Artist's impression of Option 1: (top) showing existing meeting rooms and dressing rooms demolished, and (bottom) showing how the new dressing rooms bock could be built but retaining the existing lean-to meeting rooms and dressing rooms)


Option 2 - Build additional dressing rooms onto the back of the existing ones as illustrated below, and adding new toilets together with new access corridor to serve the Centre.  The new toilets would be located adjacent to the existing meeting room/kitchen, with the new corridor running in front parallel to the main building. 


(Artist's impression of Option 2: (top) showing new lean-to roof above existing meeting rooms and new toilets/corridor; (bottom) additional dressing rooms behind existing, but new roof to cover both sets)


Phase 3 - Additional Community Spaces...

The final phase of the redevelopment of the Oxfield Centre is augment the existing community rooms and spaces.

How we go about this will depend on whether we go with Option 1 or 2 under Phase 2 development.

If we go with Option 1, we can build a new second floor above the dressing rooms block with new multipurpose community spaces.

If we go with Option 2, we would envisage that the existing squash court would be converted to 2 floors with windows, doors and services added to make these suitable for our community's needs. 

(Artist's impression of what the future Oxfield Centre might look like if the Phase 2 Option 2 plan was adopted)

What timeline are we looking at...

We plan to commence works on Phase 2 in the second half of 2015.  Obviously this will depend on the funding we can secure and the support we receive from the community and Stakeholders.


How much will this cost...

The cost of the  Phase 2 project will depend on the option and final scope of the redevelopment.  As we are still consulting with our community partners and stakeholders, its hard to say at this point exactly how much the project will cost, but we estimate between €120k to €240k.    


Where will the money come from...

The funding will come from a combination of grant aid, fundraising (within and outside the community).


Progress to date...

Oct '09 - Establishment of Redevelopment Committee

Feb '10 - Professional appraisal of existing buildings

Mar '10 - Architect Selection / Concept Competition

Apr '10 - Appointment of Project Architect

Jun '10 - Stakeholder/Community Consultation (Phase 1)

Aug '10 - Explore options and assess feedback received

Sep '11 - Major Fundraising Draw (Oxfield 500 Club)

Dec '11 - Lodgement of Leader Application

Mar '12 - Leader Funding and UCIT Bridging Finance Approved

Jun '12 - Phase 1 Works commence

Aug '12 - Phase 1 Works complete

Mar '13 - First Draft of Masterplan for Oxfield Community Park

Jun '13 - Stakeholder/Community Consultations

Nov '13 - Major Fundraising (Monster Draw)

Dec '13 - Design and Planning Application

Jul '14 - Awarded of €47,000 Sports Capital Grant

Aug '14 - Grant of Planning Permission

Jan '15 - Stakeholder/Community Consultation (Phase 2)


What's next...

- Decision on Phase 2 Options

- Finalise the scope of the Phase 2

- Amendments to Planning Permission if necessary

- Design & Tender for Phase 2 Project

- Additional Grant Applications and Fundraising as necessary

- Commence works

- Consider Phase 3


How you can help...

Get involved...

Donate / contribute...


Spread the word...



The sole purpose of this development plan is to improve the facilities for the wider community.  If we work together, there is no reason we cannot achieve our dreams!



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